Tuesday 20 March 2018

Somalia: Diarrhea Outbreak Kills 40

Somalia: Diarrhea Outbreak Kills 40
(Shabelle News 03/17/17)
Somalia: Diarrhea Outbreak Kills 40

Forty three people have died over the past 10 days in an outbreak of diarrhoeal infection that is spreading through Bardere in southern Somalia's Gedo region, according to local medical staff.

Doctors in Bardere, told media that 34 of the dead were children. Six deaths occurred in the hospital, while 23 people died in various IDP camps in Bardere district. The rest of the deaths were reported from surrounding villages.

The hospital, which had been closed for 10 years because of insecurity in the region, reopened last week. Much of the countryside around the towns in Gedo region is controlled or contested by Al-Shabab.

A Local doctors said there were 120 patients, mostly children from the IDP camps, currently being treated in the hospital, which provides free medical care.

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