Wednesday 18 April 2018
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Terrorism in Somalia: the clash continues

Terrorism in Somalia: the clash continues

Islamist militants blasted their way into a police station in northern Somalia on Tuesday and opened fire on officers and civilians inside, leaving at least 10 people dead, officials and witnesses said. Al Shabaab - the al Qaeda-linked movement that killed 67 people in a raid on a Nairobi shopping mall in September - claimed responsibility for the morning assault and told Reuters many of its men had since managed to get away, unharmed. Gunfire rang out inside the police station in Baldweyne into the early afternoon as locals rushed for shelter. African peacekeepers and Somali troops surrounded the police station and opened fire. Witnesses said the shooting inside then stopped. Al Shabaab has been driven out of most its main strongholds, including Mogadishu and Baladweyne, a town close to the Ethiopian border, over the past two years. But it has kept up car bombings and guerrilla-style attacks.

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