Friday 20 April 2018

South Sudan to form guidelines on work permit issuance

South Sudan to form guidelines on work permit issuance
(APA 12/15/17)

South Sudan will soon form guidelines to regulate those who are supposed to acquire work permit, said Hussein Maar Nyuot, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

According to Nyuot, there has been confusion on those who come to work on short and long term bases in South Sudan.

He said those who work for lesser periods should only acquire a visa.

“We are going to organize together a workshop because our understanding of a work permit is that those who are residents here,” he said.

“Those who are coming to oversee some projects say a medical person or a doctor that is coming for one week; you don’t require a work permit. What you require is an entry visa.”

Mr. Maar said the guidelines will be used at entry points so that expatriates are clear on what they are coming to do in South Sudan.

Last month, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission warned that over 1,000 expatriates risked losing their contracts if they failed to acquire work permit.

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