Thursday 26 April 2018

South Sudan rich in gold, copper and ore: minister

South Sudan rich in gold, copper and ore: minister
(Xinhuanet 06/13/16)

South Sudan's Minister of Minerals Taban Deng on Sunday said his country is rich in minerals wealth, with 44 percent of area contains gold, copper and other precious minerals.

"Forty-four percent of South Sudan's area has evidences of a number of minerals, particularly gold, diamonds and other precious minerals," Deng said.

He made the remarks following talks with Sudan's Minister of Minerals Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karuri in Khartoum.

Deng said he visited Khartoum to get acquainted with the geological information of South Sudan, which was part of Sudan before its cessation in 2011.

Meanwhile, his Sudanese counterpart told reporters that his country was ready to give the information to South Sudan.

"The Geological Research Authority, which belongs to the Minerals Ministry, maintains important geological information when Sudan was united," he said.

Deng arrived in Khartoum on Saturday on an official visit, leading a high-level delegation to get acquainted with Sudan's experience in the field of minerals.

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