Saturday 24 February 2018

Strike cripples operations at Swazi bank

Strike cripples operations at Swazi bank
(APA 07/24/17)

Workers at Nedbank Swaziland embarked on a strike on Monday over a salary dispute, crippling operations at the financial institution and leaving scores of customers stranded.

The strike followed a salary impasse between the management and the Swaziland Union for Financial and Allied Workers (SUFIAW).

“The workers are demanding a 10-percent cost of living adjustment, which the bank has failed to put forward,” SUFIAW secretary general Jabu Shiba said in a statement.

The employees said they would not accept the seven-percent offered by the bank, hence the resolution to engage in a strike.

“The bank cited removal of cash deposit fees as the main reason they cannot give an offer above seven percent,” the secretary general said.

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