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Tanzania: Government Institutions in 1bn/ - Water Debts

Tanzania: Government Institutions in 1bn/ - Water Debts
(Tanzania Daily News 03/17/17)
Tanzania: Government Institutions in 1bn/ - Water Debts

A number of government institutions here have defaulted to settle their water bills amounting to over 1 billion/-, money that should be paid to the City Water Authority in Arusha.

Topping the credit bill is the Regional Police Headquarters here which is yet to settle their 883 million debt owed to the water authority, according to the Managing Director of the Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sewage Authority (AUWSA), Engineer Ruth Koya.

She stated here that the accumulated debts could have risen by now because the 1 billion/- figure was recorded in the previous fiscal year which ended on the 30th of June 2016 and by next June 2017, the debts could double.

The Regional Medical Officer's office is another notorious defaulter, where AUWSA demands 162.3 million/-, while the Regional Commissioner (RC)'s office, whose transactions are handled by the Regional Administrative Secretariat, owes the water authority nearly 38 million/-.

The Arusha Mini State House, located at Uzunguni Area, has piled up its water bills to 6.2 million/-, while the Arusha City Council needs to pay up 8.7 million/-, the Arusha District Commissioner owes over 811,000 and the Regional Magistrate Court 735,000/-.

"We have done our best in collecting revenues for the previous fiscal year accounts, but we face stumbling blocks to reach our annual targets because government institutions fail to pay up," stated Engineer Ruth Koya.

For the previous fiscal year, AUWSA managed to record 9.9 billion/- revenues that happened to be 96 percent of their target collection in billing and according to the management, only government defaulters are yet to pay their dues which will enable the authority to reach their 100 per cent mark in the annual revenue collections.

With a population of nearly 500,000 residents mapped within the 208 square kilometres of land making up the Arusha City, the precinct served by AUWSA depends on natural water sources, including springs and rivers for its liquid supplies.

By Marc Nkwame

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