Thursday 26 April 2018

Angola/Zambia Joint Defence Commission Meets in Livingstone

Angola/Zambia Joint Defence Commission Meets in Livingstone
(Angola Press(En) 11/20/15)

Angolan Defence minister João Lourenço left Thursday for Livingstone to attend the 29th meeting of Permanent Joint Commission for Defence and Security between Angola/Zambia running from 17 - 21 November.

João Lourenço is leading an inter-ministerial delegation comprising State Secretary of Interior for Prison Service, José Bamóquina Zau; State Secretary for National Defence Policy, Admiral Gaspar Rufino; generals and senior officers of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) and National Police (PN).

The event is part of the bilateral meetings between the defence and security bodies of the two States and was preceded by a meeting of experts.

Participants will discuss the decisions and recommendations adopted at the 28th meeting held in 2014 in Luanda.

The meeting will also analyse the future actions of bilateral interest envisaged in the fields of Defence, Public and State Security.

Luanda meeting reviewed matters of common interest, including the free movement of people and goods, the migratory situation, security on the common border, among other issues.

The cooperation agreement between Angola and Zambia signed six years ago in the prison area allowed the return to his homeland of a Zambian citizen, as well as the transfer to Angola of 36 national prisoners who are now serving their sentences in the country.

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