Monday 19 March 2018

Zambian President Commutes Angolans' Life Sentence

Zambian President Commutes Angolans' Life Sentence
(Angola Press(En) 07/20/15)

The President of neighbouring Zambia Republic Edgar Lungu has commuted the life sentence passed on Angolans imprisoned in his country to twenty years in jail, Angop learned.

The information is contained in a press release from the Embassy of Angola in Lusaka (Zambia) that quotes the local Daily Mail newspaper.

According to the source, President Lungu said on the occasion he commuted the sentences of all Angolans, following a Memorandum of Understanding for exchange of prisoners between Angola and Zambia.

The Angolan inmates had taken death sentences that were later commuted to life and now reduced to twenty years in jail, says the source.

With this Zambian President's pardon, the Angolan inmates might soon join another 19 who already had their papers ready for transfer to serve their sentences in Angolan prisons as from September this year.

This follows a deal reached by the two countries' authorities, during a meeting about a month ago in Lusaka between the Angolan secretary of State for Penitentiary Services, José Bamoquina Zau, and the Zambian deputy Interior minister, col. Gerry Chanda.

According to information, there are currently 27 Angolans serving jail sentences in Zambia for various crimes.

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